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I have not been disappointed and even my husband said it was worth it for me!

by Janelle P

I just want to say that I have been working with Kathleen and Dan for the past few weeks and the accountability and knowledge has been wonderful! I am the one always searching for the next CEU because I wasn’t feeling confident, BUT it was actually that I wasn’t feeling confident in how to run this type of business!! I have worked with a business coach before and didn’t get what I wanted out of it 😪 I will say what drew me to reach out to Kat is that she is in the same business I am and she is successful, so she has to have something to offer me right?!? 😂 I realized that I wanted to work with someone who is doing the thing that I’m trying to do! I have not been disappointed and even my husband said it was worth it for me! I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else was on the fence and considering their master mind group (and NO they don’t know I’m writing this 🥰) My issues I am working on is how to close potential clients, as I lost so many people in my last business because I hated talking about money and would just send them to my friend who was in network 🤦🏼‍♀️ I definitely won’t be doing that again!! I haven’t had a chance to test my skills out yet as this virus thing started right as I started implementing things, BUT I am still networking and planning and had a doula ask me to do monthly workshops ❤️ I guess what I am trying to say is, if you feel like you need help with the business stuff, then I would take the course!! ❤️

Step by step guided assignments to get me from "what needs to be done" to "getting it done!"

Laurie K

I've been trying to do the legwork to build my own concierge pelvic floor business, first as a side hustle and eventually as my primary job. With a little one at home there never seems to be enough time. I was researching, reading blogs, trying to get an understanding of what needed to get done, but not actually getting anything concrete completed. Then I saw Kathleen Vigo post about her Mastermind and it was just what I needed! Let me tell you- she and Daniel got me to take action! Step by step guided assignments to get me from "what needs to be done" to "getting it done!" I learned about business and marketing strategies (the stuff they don't teach you in PT school), how to get and retain patients, build a network, advice on how to treat in someones home, and they shared consent forms to be personalized for my needs. They are patient, kind and enthusiastic. They continue to check in with me and share useful knowledge. I feel confident they will continue to support me on my journey, even years down the road. Thank you Kat and Dan for helping me take the desperately needed action I struggled to do alone! If you're feeling like you need that impetus to jump in, or want to build your network and company, this Mastermind is for you!"

They really help to instill a mindset of taking action

Anietie U

I am writing my testimonial for the mastermind that I was a part this past month with Kathleen and Daniel. It was definitely a spur of the moment purchase but was absolutely well worth it after having gone through it. Not only do the brother and sister duo provide a good amount of very valuable tools and strategies to help implement the start of a cash based concierge practice but they really help to instill a mindset of taking action. That was in my opinion the biggest takeaway. I know that is one of the things that has been lacking for me in making moves with my business. With the 3 day mastermind, we were given tasks to follow through the next day and that was instrumental in having me start to make headway on things that I started but never finished or never even got off the ground. To be honest, since Covid-19 has hit I am having to homeschool and figure out my next steps so it has been extra challenging to continue to move forward. However, they both have been checking in and I appreciate it because I know that they want us to succeed and hold ourselves accountable to what we said we are going to do. If you are considering this mastermind, I highly recommend it and found all of the information, worksheets and daily virtual gatherings to be extremely helpful and know that the thoroughness of the mastermind will make a big impact on my future business. Thanks Kathleen and Daniel!

The Mastermind really helped me to clarify my mission and narrow down my niche.

Angela A

Just wanted to share my experience with Kathleen Vigo’s and Daniel John Aleman’s Mastermind course if you’re curious. So I have had a concierge practice before but always struggled with marketing. I took a couple years off from working to homeschool (and recover from illness and move), so I was just getting my practice up and running again when Kat started sharing her courses and the Mastermind. I knew I needed to be much more strategic this time instead of muddling through marketing again. Even though I already had a lot of things rolling like my website, business entity, name, etc., the Mastermind really helped me to clarify my mission and narrow down my niche. It also filled in the blanks on some things I wasn’t sure about like pricing, adding value, equipment, who to market to and unique ways to do it. I really love Dan’s straightforward, yet non-pushy approach to sales. It feels so much more authentic and doable than other sales tactics I’ve studied. Overall, it’s well worth the cost to do the Mastermind. I’ve felt well-supported and Kat and Dan are great about answering your specific questions. Even if you’ve already got a business there’s wisdom to glean from these two that’s sure to give you some fresh ideas.

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